Ms. Kong Yin Mei  1

Title:   Robin Hood and his Miserable Men 

Author:  Dick King-Smith and   John Eastwood

Publisher: Puffin

Call No.:  JF/SMI

Sources:  School Library

Snow White, the Frog Prince, the Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood... Surely, you know these stories very well, but the stories in this book are very different from what you know. The Queen was very jealous of snow white because Snow White got fatter and fatter as she grew up and was finally fatter than the Queen! The Frog Prince met a French Princess, who liked eating frog legs. In the story The Sleeping Beauty, the Princess did wake up but she gave the Prince a smack in the face as she could not believe anyone would have slept for a hundred years. With these new twists in the stories, what would their endings be? Would Prince Charming save the fat Snow White? Would they live happily ever after? Would the Frog Prince be in danger? If you are looking for a book of interesting and creative ideas, you should not miss this book.