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Title:           Esio Trot 

Author:         Roald Dahl 

Call No.:       ERS 1026

Publisher:       Puffin Books

Sources:        School Class Library

The main characters in this story are Mr. Hoppy, Mrs Silver and nine tortoises. After retiring from his job, Mr. Hoppy lived alone in a small flat. Although he was in love with his upstairs neighbour, Mrs. Silver, for many years, he was too shy to disclose his love. Mr. Hoppy loved planting flowers whereas Mrs. Silver enjoyed keeping a tortoise, Alfie, as her pet. It is interesting that because of Alfie, Mr. Hoppy and Mrs. Silver got married in the end.

I was first attracted by the name of this book “Esio Trot”. It is actually “tortoise” spelled backwards. I had a good laugh every time when reading the book. From the name of the book, you can see that the author really had a good sense of humor. I enjoy reading light-hearted stories like this because this is a good way to relax. The funny pictures also make me love reading this book.

Title: A £1000, 000 Banknote

Author: Mark Twain

Call No.:       F/TWA

Publisher: Black Cat Publishing

Source: School Library

  Have you ever made a bet with other people?  Have you ever seen a £1000, 000 banknote (about 14,000,000 Hong Kong dollars)?  This story is a bout a bet on a £1000, 000 banknote.

Two very rich brothers were arguing whether anyone could survive in London for a month’s time without any money but a £1000, 000 banknote in hand.  Brother A thought that was impossible as no one could give the change for a £1000, 000 banknote.  So, no one would trade with a man who only had a £1000, 000 banknote in hand.  However, brother B thought differently.  He believed that a man could get anything he wanted if he showed people his £1000, 000 banknote.  Finally, they decided to make a bet and find a man who they could trust to help them find out the answer.

  They waited for the suitable man in a restaurant since that day.  Some days later, they finally found the man.  The man’s name was Henry.  Henry had just arrived in London from America when the rich brothers found him.  Since he was very poor, he had no place to live and no money to pay for any food.  The rich brothers saw him when he was walking outside the restaurant looking for some unfinished food on the ground.  When he was about to pick up the unfinished food on the ground, the rich brothers invited him to the restaurant and told him about their bet.  

  They gave Henry the £1000, 000 banknote and told him to live with it for a month’s time. They promised Henry to give him some money as reward afterwards.  However, Henry asked for a job instead.  Do you think Henry could win a job after one month’s time?  Would he run away with the   £1000, 000 banknote?  Please find the answers yourselves in the book “The £1000, 000 Bank Note”.

Title:           Princess Diana

Author:       Cherry Gilchrist

Publisher:   Pearson Education Limited

Call No.:    942.08/GIL

Sources:     School Library

        Do you know who Princess Diana is?  Actually, she was the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth, the wife of Prince Charles and the mother of Prince William and Harry of Britain.  To the British, she was called as “Queen of Hearts” and “Princess of Love”. 

        Before 31st August 1997, Princess Diana’s life with her husband, the Royal Family and her male friends had already been widely reported by the media.  Since people were really interested in knowing the life of this beautiful and charming Princess, the paparazzi chased after her everywhere.  On 31st August 1997,  most people in the world, especially the British were startled by a shocking news: Princess Diana, the most charming and generous woman in the world was killed with her boy friend, Dodi Al Fayed and their driver in a car crash in Paris.  At the time of her death, Diana was only 36. 

        Some people said that the crash was caused as the couple wanted to hide away from the paparazzi whereas some people speculated that it was a murder.  Even after the tenth anniversary of Diana’s death, people still could not forget the beautiful and benevolent lady.  They held different activities in commemoration of her. 

        Today, Diana still lives in many people’s memory.  If you want to know why the short life of Diana can impress so many people all over the world, you must read this book “Princess Diana”.  Apart from Diana’s short life, here you can read about Prince Charles and the Royal Family, Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, her beautiful clothes and her friends – rich and famous men and women, pop stars and film stars. You can also find out why this young Princess was called “Queen of Hearts” and “Princess of Love”.   

Title: The Twists         

Author: Roald Dahl

Publisher: Puffin Books

Call No.:   F  DAH

Sources:    School library


Have you ever seen your neighbors?  What kind of people are they?  Do you like them?  I bet you would be extremely terrified if Mr. and Mrs. Twist were your neighbors.  You will know why I say so after I tell you some nasty tricks they play on each other from time to time.

One of Mrs. Twist’s eyes is a glass eye.  To play a trick on her husband, Mr. Twist, one morning, Mrs. Twist took out her glass eye and dropped it into her husband’s mug of beer while he was not looking.  To revenge, Mr. Twist put a frog into his wife, Mrs. Twist’s bed one night as this is something which scares Mrs. Twist to death in this world.  Because of the frog, Mrs. Twist cooked her husband some spaghetti with worms which she got from the earth of her garden the other day.  And of course, Mr. Twit took revenge later.  This is how they spend their time each day.    

These two old couples are not only mean to each other, but also cruel to their own pets, the kids playing in their garden and the birds visiting their home.  If you want to know more nasty tricks that Mr. and Mrs. Twist have played on each other and how cruel they have been to their pets, the kids playing in their garden and the birds visiting their home, read “The Twits” by Roald Dahl.